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Vintage Guitar Price is the most comprehensive source of guitar prices available anywhere.

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Vintage Guitar Price 2019 Data Posted

We've finished compiling the data -- our latest price information is now available to view and download.

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View price trend data for modern and vintage, affordable and premium guitar models.

Vintage Guitar Price provides you with tools to quickly assess and segment the guitar market based on your interests.

We have data covering 1400+ manufacturers for the past 7 years

Vintage Guitar Price allows you to create your own personal collection of guitars to easily monitor price changes.

Our database contains 10,000+ guitars of values between $50 - $500K.

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Monitor individual guitar values and market trends

Track ROI and other financial metrics to easily identify the current market trends.

Receive customised quarterly market reports based on your guitar collections from leading market analysts.

Export guitar data to spreadsheets for further analysis.

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Guitar of the Week

1936-1942 National Style 35, Round Neck

Mint condition models currently valued at $30,400

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