VGP Guitar Funds

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Our public Guitar Indices are really popular with our users as it allows them to track the prices of their favourite guitars. The indices have been put together using some of the most desirable guitars using a combination of collector and dealer experience.

Now we're giving you the chance to try and beat them by creating your own guitar fund.

Your personal fund can contain as many, or as few, guitars as you want (we've got over 30,000 models to choose from).

Build your fund with guitars by selecting the "Add to fund" button at the top of each individual guitar data page. You can add and remove guitars at any time from your fund (perhaps if they are not performing as well as you'd like).

Start your fund with an initial investment value and (hopefully) watch the returns roll in.

Funds are the next best thing to actually owning a vintage guitar!

Start building your fund

Note: funds are only available to paid VGP accounts.