The Vintage Guitar Price Index of Martin Guitars is a stock market style index that averages the values of the rarest and most sought-after Martin Guitars. The list shows the guitars that make up the index, while the graph shows this index’s average value over the past 20 years.

Top performing guitars in index

Years Make Model Features
1930 Martin Om-45 De Luxe
1931-1934 Martin D-2
1931-1935 Martin D-28 12 Fret
1934 Martin 000-45 Early 34 Long Scale
1931-1935 Martin D-28 12 Fret
1937 Martin 000-45 H
1934 Martin 000-45 Late 34 Short Scale
1835 Martin Stauffer Fancy Highest
2000s Martin D-200 De Luxe
1934 Martin D-25 K2 14 Fret Neck
1939 Martin D-28 Early 39 175 Neck
1939 Martin 000-42 Early 39 175 Neck