In 2017 I compiled a list of the top 10 most expensive guitars of that year.

Now 2019 is upon us, I decided to see how things have changed at the top over the last 2 years.

Top 10 Highest priced stock guitars

2019 Price rankGuitar ModelMint cond. 2019Price change since 2017
11958-1959 Gibson Explorer$682,500$52,500
21958 Gibson Les Paul Standard (Sunburst) (Highly figured)$421,050$41,050
31936 Martin D-45 (2 made)$399,000-$63,000
41938 Martin D-45 (9 made)$399,000-$21,000
51939 Martin D-45 (Early, wide neck)$399,000-$21,000
61937 Martin D-45 (2 made)$399,000-$63,000
71959 Gibson Les Paul Standard (Sunburst) (Highly figured)$380,000-$82,000
81958-1959 Gibson Flying V$356,250-$750
91939 Martin D-45 (Late, thin neck)$342,000-$57,000
101963 Gibson Explorer$332,500-$25,550

*(Values for mint condition examples)

Only two of the guitars in the top 10 increased in value, the 1958-1959 Gibson Explorer (+$52,500) and the 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard (Sunburst) (Highly figured) (+$41,050).

Two new entries in the top 10 this year, despite the price drops, the 1958-1959 Gibson Flying V (-$750) and the 1963 Gibson Explorer (-$25,550)

Last month I explored the tough conditions at the top of the market – it is not surprising to see these numbers at the very top of the market.

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