Martin 00-18 39 Price Changes

In 2018 we looked at the best investments you could have made during the previous year.

We take a look at some of the best guitar investments based on price increases between 2018 and 2019…

Make / ModelType2018 USD (very good cond.)2019 USD (very good cond.)2018-2019 % change 
Gibson, LG-2, 1942-1945, Banner, mahoganyGuitar$1,698.75$2,897.5070.57%View price history
Gibson, Super 400 CES, 1965, Guitar$4,875.00$8,312.5070.51%View price history
National, Glenwood 95, 1962-1964, Vermillion Red/ Flame RedGuitar$1,588.13$2,707.5070.48%View price history
Fender, Big Block Telecaster, 2005-2006, Guitar$369.38$629.3870.39%View price history
Gibson, Super 400C, 1948-1949, Guitar$6,412.50$10,925.0070.37%View price history
Gibson, L-5, 1929, Early '29Guitar$5,857.50$9,975.0070.29%View price history
Gibson, EB-3 Bass, 1969, Late '69Bass$997.50$1,698.1370.24%View price history
Gibson, ES-335 Pro, 1979-1981, Guitar$1,158.75$1,971.2570.12%View price history
Fender, Esquire, 1961, Blond, slab boardGuitar$5,865.00$9,975.0070.08%View price history
Gibson, ES-345 TD/ES-345 TDSV, 1966-1969, Various colorsGuitar$2,265.00$3,847.5069.87%View price history
Martin, 000-18, 1960-1964, Guitar$2,265.00$3,847.5069.87%View price history
Fender, Buck Owens Limited Edition Telecaster, 1998-1999, Guitar$1,035.00$1,757.5069.81%View price history
Fender, 50s Stratocaster/Classic Series '50s Stratocaster, 1999-2015, MexicoGuitar$279.75$475.0069.79%View price history
Fender, 50th Anniversary Standard Stratocaster, 2004, Guitar$279.75$475.0069.79%View price history
Fender, 60s Stratocaster/Classic Series '60s Stratocaster, 1999-2015, MexicoGuitar$279.75$475.0069.79%View price history
Gibson, SG Standard Robby Krieger, 2009, Aged, signedGuitar$2,017.50$3,420.0069.52%View price history
ESP, Phoenix Contemporary, 1998, Guitar$455.63$771.8869.41%View price history
Gibson, CF-100 E, 1950-1958, Guitar$2,216.25$3,752.5069.32%View price history
Gibson, J-45, 1950-1955, Guitar$3,007.50$5,082.5068.99%View price history
Belmont, Senorita Archtop, 1940, Guitar$900.00$1,520.0068.89%View price history

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