Last year we looked at Google search results to analyse the health of the guitar market.

One of the top questions we got asked after that post went live was; what guitars are people searching for?

Most searched guitars

Top guitar Google searches

The Fender Stratocaster, is by far the most searched for on Google. Though it’s clear that search volume has dropped since 2004 (by over 50%). This downward trend is representative of all the guitars covered (and guitar searches in general).

In second place is the Fender Telecaster. Amongst the four guitars, the Telecaster has seen the amount of searches remain most stable over time.

The Gibson Les Paul and SG hold are in a tight battle for third and fourth most popular by search volume respectively.

Geographic search distribution

Top guitar Google searches by country

Most searches for the Fender Stratocaster come from India. For the Telecaster it’s Japen. Most interest for the Gibson Les Paul comes from Norway, and for the SG is from Turkey.

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