Vintage Guitar Price Graph

The VGP50 index saw little growth between 2016 and 2017. It seems the top-end vintage guitars that make up this index are not as in demand when compared to previous years (the index has risen in value 8% since 2012).

Lower priced guitars, often those yet to be considered highly collectable, typically see the most price growth as demand for them slowly increases. In the table below you’ll find 20 guitars in very good condition that have seen the largest increase in market price since 2012. See the full price data and trends on Vintage Guitar Price to help you make an investment decision.

Top performing guitars for investment

Investment RankManufacturerModelFeaturesYear2012 (very good cond.)2017 (very good cond.)2012-2017 % changeFull price history
1AlvarezFlat-TopHigher-End1980s-1990s$86.00$447.00419.77%View price history
2DanelectroDane C Series12-string1967-1969$503.00$2,378.00372.76%View price history
3GibsonEB-650 BassBlond1991-1993$983.00$3,780.00284.54%View price history
4BourgeoisVintage DBrazilian rosewood2000s$1,054.00$4,043.00283.59%View price history
5DanelectroDane A SeriesV, 6-string, 2 pickups1967-1969$454.00$1,725.00279.96%View price history
6DanelectroDane D Series12-string1967-1969$503.00$1,749.00247.71%View price history
7GibsonEB-750 BassBlond1991-1993$1,080.00$3,683.00241.02%View price history
8YamahaFG SeriesHighest-end1970-2015$248.00$829.00234.27%View price history
9DanelectroDane B Series12-string1967-1969$503.00$1,663.00230.62%View price history
10FoderaMid-level Bass4, 5, 6 strings1983-2015$1,238.00$3,938.00218.09%View price history
11FenderSquier Standard Telecaster1st logo, JV serial1982-1984$394.00$1,097.00178.43%View price history
12MartinDC SeriesDC-281990-1997$699.00$1,898.00171.53%View price history
13YamahaRGZ SeriesHigher-end1989-1994$176.00$473.00168.75%View price history
14YamahaFG SeriesHigher-end1970-2015$150.00$398.00165.33%View price history
15GretschCorvette (Solidbody)Custom color, 2 pickups1963-1965$799.00$2,070.00159.07%View price history
16FenderHM Stratocaster (USA/Import)Import1988-1990$319.00$814.00155.17%View price history
17NationalNew Yorker Spanish15.5"1939-1946$690.00$1,748.00153.33%View price history
18YamahaRGX SeriesHigher-end1988-2011$199.00$473.00137.69%View price history
19GibsonES-335/ES-335N TDPelhamBIue1967$4,815.00$11,325.00135.20%View price history
20GibsonES-335/ES-335N TDPelhamBIue1968$4,815.00$11,190.00132.40%View price history

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