In our last post we covered the most expensive guitar ever sold at auction (Fender “Reach Out to Asia” Stratocaster for $2,700,000).

Most of the guitars on the list had once been owned by “celebrities”. Consequently many of you emailed us to ask us the top valued guitars that didn’t have such heritage including owners Hendrix, McCartney, et al.

The good news, using our database of 10,000+ guitar models with yearly price data from 2001, we bring you the top 10 most expensive stock guitars.

The bad news, they’re still insanely expensive!

Highest priced stock guitars

  1. Gibson Explorer (1958-1959) - $630,000
  2. Les Paul Standard (Sunburst) (Highly figured) (1959) - $462,000
  3. Martin D-45 (2 Made) (1937) - $462,000
  4. Martin D-45 (2 Made) (1936) $462,000
  5. Les Paul Standard (Sunburst) (Highly figured) (1958) - $421,050
  6. Martin D-45 (Early, wide neck) (1939) $420,000
  7. Martin D-45 (9 made) (1938) $420,000
  8. Martin D-45 (Late, thin neck) (1939) $399,000
  9. Martin D-45 (19 made) (1940) $362,250
  10. Martin D-45 (24 made) (1941) $362,250
  11. Martin D-45 (18 made) (1942) $362,250

*(Values for mint condition examples)

16 of the top 20 most expensive guitars in our database are Gibson Les Paul Standard (8) or Martin D-45 (8).

It is testament to the quality and desirability of Gibsons’ iconic models that has resulted in their high prices and price growth as seen in the Vintage Guitar Price Gibson Index performance since 2011.

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